Mauro Vanetti

Past Games

An ensemble of plants play music together but something is wrong in the garden music. Fix the problems to make the song perfect!
2-player fight between rival hermit crabs.
A Remote-Controlled Dragon With a Huge Lag! Lagging Dragon is a slow and chubby dragon who's looking for his lost Winged Gems in the Land of Volcanoes.
A 2D survival game with isometric pov, where a lantern is the only source of light.
It's a 1-vs-1 game, where one player is the Master of the Dark Prism Cult, and the other impersonates Whisker the Detective. The Master's objective is to officiate a Ritual by giving orde
Enjoy a Mexican Standoff simulation! This is a Mexican standoff in a literal sense implying subtle moral choices. The game has plenty of drama and tequila, a dedicated soundtrack and teaches importa

Hearty Games