Past Games

A retro-inspired adventure game detailing the story of Jenny, a writer who has lost her identity.
The year is 2025, Chaos monkey has become sentient and taken control of a simian army and they're in your Server room! You frantically call the data centre and get through to someone, but the
The home is somewhere you need to GET OUT OF! Granny punch-up tells the story (well, kinda...) of 4 intrepid octogenarians battling their way to escape a 'Disorientation Terrace ', a re
Hone your Otamatone skills as you play as "Otie" the Otamatone! Spread Happiness across Otama-Town by singing at the same wavelength as it's residents! Be careful, miss the note and
The goal for that game is to pushed other player outward from the screen, using waves you are create with much weight! Good fortune! Play at