Past Games

A 2vs2 online twin-stick brawler where vampiric versions of characters from all over the public domain come together to fight in a tournament that will decide Count Dracula's successor, Nosfera-2
The attack is imminent, you have limited time to prepare the wall for your village with whatever you have in handy. Be the noble knight you were always meant to be.
Two neighbors try to renovate their home, but they don't know the unforeseeable disaster that followed. The renovation trucks' doors were left open and now all of their belongings are scatt
A very unlucky broccoli fights for its survival inside a microwave.
The forest needs YOU! Help Nano and her friends complete the Ritual and replenish the power of nature. NANOsecond is a rhythmic mini game about THE Jelly Dance Ritual performed by adorable littl

Hearty Games