Past Games

You need to help the inhabitants of an indigenous village protect their homes from natural phenomena that are causing instant combustion into the air, putting out the fire and repairing the damage cau
Play with 3 special characters from the Brazilian culture in a chaotic diluge. Don't forget to jump. Space bar do the trick.
A versus game for 2-4 players. The players control human wizards that go around the stage collecting ritualistic items that fall randomly around the stage.
This game was made thinking of the problems we actually see in our reality here in Sao Paulo. The idea is not to show any way of "hero", but to make fun of reality. You are "Leraldo G
You run into a dying man and decide to take his heart to a hospital before it stops beating.
One day, one of the most fearfull witch has come to the kingdom, and tried to destroy the King's Castle. For that, she summoned the Evil Dragon Tengshe and started a battle with the knights. After many death in the battlefield, one man stood in front of the dragon, and without any hesitation, he jumped into his head. \
Narra-se o episódio de uma guerra entre os dois reinos mais antigos do Meridiano de Bhakus, onde apenas um será extinto.