Past Games

This is an emotional story about a person with the ability to find what has been lost.
A two-player game about a pit stop for racing spaceships! Fetch the correct items on the treadmills and then repair the spaceships that stop by - as fast as possible.
A civilian woman loses her home and her eyesight to war.
You're trapped in a labyrinth full of monsters. Your ship, that also happens to be your only way out of this place, is broken.
This is the story of a great witch doctor who uses his magic rituals to clear the world from dark forces!
This game is about a postman trying to survive and keep his job, day after day. The city life is unpredictable, so what do you do now?
The Guardian's soul was divided, and now his two opposite personalities must combine their powers in order to reunite.
A scared girl needs to pass through a dark place without dying of fright. She has three life levels. If her heartbeats gets too fast, it's game over. Turning on the light keeps the enemies away and restores part of her life, calming her down. Using the arrow keys, run away from the enemies without attacking them and try not to fright her to death .