Marco Jonkers

Past Games

Two astronauts are in trouble! Their ship has been hit by an asteroid, and they are on their way of crashing into the sun!
Two players fight for building blocks to see who can build the best house in under two minutes!
An action game which supports Philips Hue.
We just robbed a bank, and have all the money in the world. However, The cops are relentlessly chasing us!
The game is about two sides of one person, the positive side and the negative side. Each side is controlled by one player on separate computers, but they go through the same level simultaneously.
In East Asia, a belief is held that two people are connected through time and space by a red string of fate. We have interpreted this for our game as a red string directly connecting the two person's hearts together, even sharing the same heartbeat. Two players, connected by this string, must work together, not letting their tie break, for as long as possible. Controls: Player 1: W, A, S, D Player 2: Arrow Keys