Past Games

Robot Dab-dy, who tries to keep factory running alone at a time when non-unionized workers in the iron and steel industry protested, To please his aggressive boss, he is trying to find the assembly pa
[ENG] A classic Turkish mechanic, repairing cars in his garage. Help him repair as many cars as he can and make profit.
The greatest door keeper Seyit is on mission! In this troublesome apartment things are really difficult to get over. Kapıcılar Kralı Seyit görev başında.. Bu belalı apartmanda işler cidden zor.
Haydi Mangal Yapmaya..
The magic tree lost its power and because of that the world lost its color. To bring the power of the magic tree back and worlds color we are going to do a ritual...
Oyunun hikayesi kapalı bir alandan çıkmaya çalışıyoruz.Aslında bizi kaçırdılar fakat deney yapmak için kaçırdılar.Biz kendimize gelip uyandığımızda görüyoruzki bir süremiz var ve görev veren alanlarım
1st Place Award of the GGJ Ege Game Site. We are the baby alone at home. But the weird thing is we have psychic abilities, to move objects and scale them.
This game made for Window 8 tablet and mobile devices. You could use left joystick for move to character and shot for A button, Reload for B button. You need to reach end of the level to win the game.
This game requires 2 players. First player controls are : W, A, D, and E Second Player controls are : Up, Right ,Left and Right Shift
An FPS game which is all about zombie survival. You need to complete some objectives in the levels. Controls : W-A-S-D to Move Shift to Run CTRL to Crouch R to Reload F to Slow Time Right Click or Left Alt to Aim Left Click To Shoot