Past Games

Mr Boon the crab is hungry today, but he'll only eat cooked fish. Help him find fish and cook them. Fish are in the sea And fire is in the upper world ( due to global warming)
Humanity developed a technology allowing us to calibrate brains, adjusting brain functions according to their needs. The subjects of the calibration went through several tests and challenges to test
A medieval war strategy game where you sit in your castle and can only command the war using pigeons you send
*Play Modu Beats now!* Modu Beats is a "Beat Based" Action/Tower Defense game. --- Move your character with the "Arrow keys"/left stick and place Turrets with the "Z"/&
Collaborate on drawing Satanist symbols to successfully summon the dark lord! 2-4 players need to cover the carved path by swiping, each on their own smartphone! A technological and mystifying mirac
"I can't even..." is an First-person-shooter with bugs which fucks with the player's head. The game's name is based on your first thoughts when you play my game. The levels
Crisis Command is a minimalistic real-time-strategy/sim game. -- I've connected the theme to politics and to the strategy genre. Humans won't ask "What do we do now?" until something REALLY bad happens.
A parody of recent legal action against innocent candies. I Made the game in the last 3 hours of the game jam because I wasted all of the game jam doing nothing
You are Dead! But not all is lost: Some people do come back from the dead. Will you follow the light with you last heartbeats? Every step you take also makes you one step
Walk with arrow keys or W A S D Shoot with Spacebar
The objective of the game is to infect as many people as possible with Inter-Dimensional STDs.
Made in 8 hours... Save your human master from himself.
A flash video based point and click quest, involving other GGJ's group members as characters.

Hearty Games