Maarten Braaksma

Past Games

MECHA-NICS! Two giant mecha robots battle with each other to the death and it is up to you to fix your mecha!
Kunk is the name of a wacky caveman searching for his meaning of home. In this game, you will guide Kunk through a charming journey of discovery, friendship, and cavemanhood. Play through this fun l
Fight your way through countless waves of monsters while being dependent on the power of the virus. You and your friends are required to look out for each other and share the power.
This game is a retro based fighting game where you need to use your own boombox to push the opponents to the lowest point of the audio wave.
Ever since Mary Porter survived a great house fire in which she left behind Roy Porter. Since then she has trouble seperating the real from illusion. What if she could have saved him?

Hearty Games