Luiz Carlos

Past Games

This chistmas our favourite brothers earn rockets's toys and will do what brother do better.
A random player is infected by a malware connected to an dangerous (and crazy) robot. But beware! This virus can be transmitted to others. The last one standing, wins.
Trusting his old magical four-stringed shamisen, Nami roams his village facing stray spirits that dwell in the forest.
A game about jumping waves. In Brazil, lore demands you jump seven waves on new years eve, to enable good energies into the new year.
en-US: "Deary Chicken!" Escape or become the sacrifice, in this game you control "Black T" the last black hen chicken trying to escape from his captors not to make the offering in
Vikings in the Ice Age is a cooperative game for two players. The goal is to move as much as possible by controlling your boat.
A topdown 3D shooter about a special duo applying justice to whonever needs it.
A plataformer shooter about a special duo applying justice to whomever needs it. Controls: Space - Jump Right Control - Fire
For the heart tells the story of the knight Le Bobo and his quest to get a gift for his girl. She asked for a golem's diamond heart! To get the heart, Le Bobo has to enter the golem, find the heart and take it! It's a game for 2 players, one controlling the golem and the other controlling the knight: - Player one (golem) must stomp the ground to disturb the knight. Also, if he reaches the oasis before the knight finds the heart, he wins (by drinking lots of water from a waterfall and drowning Le Bobo). - Player two (the knight) must reach the heart, avoinding contact with the spikes, which can kill him. He can hit some "organ bags" of the golem, make him trip and retarding his run to the oasis.
Buh! is about killing people by scaring them and provoking a heart attack. You play as a monster who likes to scare people who walk through his park to the point when their heart explode. Your main objective is to scare as many people as possible by stalking them without being seen, this make the person nervous, and when their heart is beating very fast, you finish them by screaming from behind. The monster power is showed by the Spook-o-Meter, it raises by successfully killing people, and decrease by staying on under lights and/or being spotted by humans.
The planet Chrysopoeia is dead and The Guy is the only one who can bring it back to life. He must find The Four Elements – Water, Wind, Fire and Earth – each one divided in four. You can walk back and forth with the arrow keys and jump with space bar.
God observes that the earth is corrupted with violence and decides to destroy all life. But Noah "was a righteous man, blameless in his generation, [and] Noah walked with God," and God gives him instructions for the ark, into which he is told to bring "two of every sort [of animal]...male and female ... everything on the dry land in whose nostrils was the breath of life," and their food. (Genesis 6 and 7).