Luis Castrejon

Past Games

VR Shooter with oculus avatars. Multiplayer.
Un niño perdido es encontrado por un gigantesco espíritu, el mismo Dios del Bosque que al conmoverse por su llanto busca la manera de devolver a este pequeño a casa.
Is not your food, is our food. And the collective is more important than the self, you have been selected to search for the non poisoned food, your die will be our survival, never the less, for some
Faust is a little boy who has nightmares; Dante, his cat, has come home to defend him. Help Dante fight Fausto's nightmares in this fun shooter where you have the power to decide if you face you
Paipote it´s a game from the point and click genre.
Fight your friends with fancy insults to show off how superior you are just because you know words that no one needs.
This is a video game aimed to talk about homeless people who live marginated from the cities and societies, as a complex topic we decided to represent it in an exaggerated way, we believe that this is
A game focusing on the ancient belief of buddhism and achieving nirvana through meditation

Hearty Games