luca morreale

Past Games

Un puzzle game 2d isometrico ambientato in una casa di cura per anziani. Giocabile su Windows tramite mouse e tastiera.
Our neighbour team is trying to accomplish "mi casa es tu casa" diversifier: "The game world is the same as the one from another game made by a neighbor team." we do not agree w
Vairus Transmission is an horizontal scrolling games where players will take the form of a lethal virus (LGCCNMG18)(this factor will depend on the skill of the player) that will have to infect the org
Some catchy music for an extremely simple and intuitive gameplay that stimulates players' creativity.
Low is a puzzle game for android where you have to use your "Neural oscillation". So you have to use your mind and the power of waves in order to solve each level.
A devote Druid must accomplish Gods wills! The game was born as asynchronous co-op game, where a 'God' player suggests to one (or more) Druid player how to build a ritualistic site similar
An adventure game with fantasy setting, where obstacles and difficulties must be faced in an unusual way by the player, who must solve all three levels of game using lateral thinking and thinking outs