Lorena Weder

Past Games

You are a cat, locked in the box of a mad scientist.
Mama Goat's 4 kids have escaped their pen. Help her scream out to them and they will scream back. Go find them and bring those babies home.
You're a Dr. in Smithing by the Medieval Institute of Technology, but the business has not been very good lately.
We all made a bunch of ruckus when we were kids. 2 Twins. One of them had a bad day and wants to break stuff, the other one must stop the noise from building up and waking up their parents.
A social game that puts all those years of imitating your old 56k modem to the test. You communicate with beeps and bops. Listen to the message to transmit, and replay it out loud into the microphone!
Milkshake battle is a 2 vs 2 local multiplayer game where one team must throw explosive milk-leaking cows at the other team in order to blow them to bits.
In Ritual of Runes you fight against another player to reach the afterlife.
A barcode bar with no personality desperately tries to adapt and fit in as its group changes. Control the bar's height with the up and down arrows and try not to stand out too much.