Past Games

Você tem 10 segundos para ascender até sua próxima existência, cruze até mesmo entre a vida e a morte se necessário! you have 10 seconds to ascend to your next existence, if you have to cross the li
Kate (Jacintha) is an Ice Lumberjack who decided to protect the environment. But now the rainforest where it lives is on fire. And it's f*uc&@$*#k483ing the environment.
The unstoppable amount of trash being thrown at the sea, created a new giant trash island. Three Special Creatures will help each other to save their home. The Pelican - Eat the Creatures from trash
Help the pidgeon send relevant letters (under construction) Game inspired in the song "Skyline Pigeon", by Elton John https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTusxEh_w1E