Past Games

Northpole is a serious game (game for change) about the suffering of the ice bears and especially their kids at the north pole. Due to the effects of global warming, the earth gets hotter and the northern ice sheets are melting and breaking. Mothers now need to swim larger distances for food and their kids often can't swim as far and starve. This game gives you the chance to play the ice bear mother and you need to safe your kid, which drifts away on a sheet of ice, before his heart stops beating. You can navigate with arrows and jump or swim. The game concept was to let the floating ice sheets be influenced by the real temperature and daytime of the northpole, but I didn't manage to implement this feature (number 7) in time. I hope I can finish the game in the future. Maybe with something more flexible.
You know, there is this ONE tasty fish with red meat. It's from the yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares). Unfortunately this species is endangered and thus might be extincted fast. This serious game NOW will show you how the tuna feels being hunted.
a game bout monkeys and donkeys stranded on an island hunting for rescources.