Past Games

Manage the lost and found office of a dungeon! When adventurers die, they usually leave all of their equipments and stuff back in the dungeon.
You are the crazy kaiju doctor! Try to heal the poor monster defeated in battle by repairing his brain with needles and lots of love! In a city shaken by the attack of a now defeated monster, take c
Home is where you welcome people and share happiness. Home is protection. Home is, ultimately, an extension of your own mind. Positive thoughts will go to your home, but negative ones will try to
We are not alone in the universe. Alien ships are approaching Earth's orbit!
My girlfriend asked: why do you carry a gun around the house? I looked her dead in the eyes and said, "Decepticons".
There was a time when gods weren't worshipped, but feared. They did not wish for prayers, but for tributes. The only way to placate them was to feed them with innocent blood.
En Route is a management game where you have to guide a small squad of soldiers that are retreating home from a war.
The world seen from the perspective of a mad man. The player must escape from a mental asylum because the main character claims to be innocent.