Kurara Himura

Past Games

This game is meant to be a catchy way to learn and remember the fundamental basics of First Aids Assistance. At the moment we have a brief sample, but we hope to develop a complete game that can be u
Home is where you can play your games, watch your TV and use your PC, but there seems to be something in your house not wanting you to enjoy your time. Use WASD to move and the mouse to aim.
Hughh must Help Igoor to find BRAIN. Both can move differents objects The game is about two realities , you can see all but ...the things are moving.
ENG: The players must strugle with their erased memory, they all live in the same house, but they forgot where and who they are, but one of them is a thief... the problem is that the thief doesn't know he is one. ESP: Los jugadores deben lidiar con su memoria borrada, todos ellos viven en la misma casa, pero han olvidado dónde están y quienes son, pero uno de ellos es un ladrón... el problema es que el ladrón no sabe que lo es.