Past Games

Choose any .jpg or .png file and the game will generate a level based on it! How cool is that? Then you just need to collect all the balloons to escape it - what do you do now?
You are a little girl lost in a labyrinth full of horrors. But only if you look.
Help a sleeping hedgehog have sweet dreams. The player has to collect magical sleepy dust from the magical acorns and put the creatures of the forest to sleep with it.
2 player turn based racing game. The idea is to cause a heart attack to the other half of the heart. The first one to clot the opponents half of the heart WINS!
Save the heart from breaking up! Heart is in the middle. Try to save it! Enemies are coming towards the heart. Use your character to kill enemies. Enemies drop power ups, try to catch them to get better fire. Use WASD to move and left mouse button to fire!