Past Games

A crazy satiric multilayered game, take your DnD dices and try to mantain your love for her.
Un bot de discord que comienza un juego, el bot hablará en audio y texto y parece que está volviendose sensible, los jugadores deben prestar atención para entender los problemas del bot y encontrar la
ENG: The players must strugle with their erased memory, they all live in the same house, but they forgot where and who they are, but one of them is a thief...
tactic board game one versus one whit card mechanics inspired on a ghost invasión.
This game is a single player, something like a maze, where you have to find a key to hopen the door of the house.
A simple, casual game for bubble pop lovers. This time, they move and transmit color to each other, you must pop them because you get points according to color variety in game.
El juego Win Fight es un juego de genero pong en el cual deberemos jugando con cooperativo local, el objetivo es destruir a tu rival con una pelota de mana usando el escudo para defenderte al mismo ti
(el reglamento está en español) Dice Managment Board Game Uroboros Ascencion is a quick tactic dice managment board game.
Using a microphone or any kind of instrument pluged in the mic, the player can create a wave that moves the water under the boat, the objective si to get to the other side of the screen 5 times while
Here, we will use the ecolocalitation to find bananas and take care of the diferents enemys in the map.
Juego de cartas en tiempo real. Donde se enfrentan el señor del calabozo y el heroe.
This is a crowdgamming construction game, open to be played by an entire city. Each player that connects to the game (by smartphone, pc, iphone, etc...
English / Español: English: This is a massive game. A life game.
Doppelgänger es un juego en donde deberás luchar contra ti mismo.
Survival shooter
Gatlaxy es un juego experimental audiovisual, donde no hay objetivo.
This is a terror surviver, where you take control of Dr. Cardigan Jammer, a military cientist, that try to save the world from being possesed by the evil spirits of Necronomicon. You only have your inteligence, speed and a beautifull truck driver wife. Try to save as many people you can in the dark streets of Cordoba, be carefull because is full of damned people and the only way to know who is normal and who's not, is by hear thei heart beats... If you love to personalize weapons, this game will entretain you until you fall dead!
Locomotive is a cooperative board game, it counts with a software vercion that is open to play. The software game, has no rules pre configured, it is just a collection of elements that player can move, rotate or flip, the players aply the rules. locomotive is based on the mechanical heartbeat that locomotive machines do. The game grow in speed, and have a limited number of turns, if all the players can't get to the great station in that time, all players loose. So there is a huge need of playing smartly and thinking in the whole team. Is easy to learn and have infinite combinations and posibilities, that a solitarie player or a team game can reach.