Kin Pong Ng

Past Games

This game is about balancing the popularity of heaven and hell. The universe of the plain world requires a total balance, with just amount people in heaven, and just amount people in hell.
Saiko chan is on her way to find something that she lost: a cute SQUIRREL photo! So... Please help her to find the lost photo, Using her magical camera! 一個十三歲少年,兒時跟松鼠的一張合照被風吹走掉,因而踏上尋找照片之路。
Mostly keeping yourself save from nearly invisible killer inside a black space. We are digging how a room-sharing multi-player game can have a taste of horror.
Very God You woke up by surprise. In front of you stands many people. They summoned you for guide and help. But you are just not the very being for them. They disappoint.
It's a first person game designed for Google Cardboard. You are a silent leader of a group of NPCs. You have to control them to avoid dangers, with just head gesture.