Past Games

Underwalker is a magical stroll through an underwater landscape, supported by music.
A witch isn't always evil, sometimes she can be your helping hand. Especially when you've lost your balloon amidst a busy festival, she'll be there to help you out!
Humanity continues on its path of global warming and Mother Earth is feeling hotter by the day. The other planets, in a missguided attempt at helping the poor planet, decide to cool Earth down by...
You and your home embark on a grand journey. Your walking residence may need some upgrades on the way however.
You are a pirate and you have an exceptionally nice boat. The other pirates think so too and want to join your crew. Unfortunately the boat can only carry a limited amount of weight before it sinks
Once in a far away land, a demon king kidnapped the princess of the kingdom. The king, terribly sad, begged the hero to retrieve her.