Past Games

The color war has started and there are 4 factions that battle each other, one versus one, but their warships have to travel past a secure canal that is a "non-war" place. Until today.
You are a mountaineer cat, going through a snowy mountain, who has lost it's partners. Search and find your kitty friends in this freezy place where every run will be different, and be careful i
Two robots have to repair their totems before time is up by stacking totem parts one on top of another, but they can also pick the other one parts! TWO XBOX CONTROLLERS NEEDED
Defend your home from alien invaders. They're fierce! They're strong! But they also are brainless.
Collaborative game about sharing information with a partner to get through the dry rivers.
An abandoned facility from a forgotten dimension. No one dares to enter its darkness.
You must serve the costumers as they arrive. Each of them will ask for a drink, which needs to be made using a specific ritual (recipe). You should guess the ingredients by the looks of the costumer!