Past Games

Propaga el orbitrón a través de ondas y por túneles interdimensionales.
You are a fabulous bird of paradise whose every move is a joy to behold.
A finicky stilish guy, a rude redhead dude, a badass smoker girl and a naked kid in the anal phase keep stumbling upon evil walls in their way. With the help of famous and infamous characters they wi
Two players cooperate to solve puzzles and escape a maze.
The player would have to syncronize his own heartbeat to the heartbeat sound played in-game, by relaxing or exciting himself. We hadn't the code for measure the bpm of the heart in real-time, so we did a workaround for demostrate the concept: the player taps the space bar at his own heartbeat rythm. In the future we want to achieve the real-time heartbeat measuring the blood pressure via placing a finger in the smartphone camera, as some apps do.