Past Games

Mess up some cake! In this game, one player decorates a cake from a prompt, but then another player ruins it! Then the first player must fix it so player number 3 can guess what it is!
Do you want to wander in your home or wander away? Collect your thoughts in order to decide which, and see what adventures await you.
You, the wind, see a young lover admiring their crush from afar. The lover writes a love note, and tosses it into the air towards their crush hoping it will reach them.
Swap the party parrots before they overwhelm you! Click on a parrot and then an empty space to move it to the space!
You've fallen into a Temple. Light Torches. Open Doors.
A bird who lives in a lab one day discovers that her caretaker is gone and her cage has been left open. What does she do now? ---Controls--- Movement - Arrow Keys Jump - Space Jump then d
“The Tell Tale Heart”, based off of the short story of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe, has the player desperately searching for beating hearts which are hidden underneath the floor board. In order to do this, the player must use their ears, for as they get closer to the heart, the faster it will beat. However, it is not always that simple for the player will need to find objects and move objects and as well as solve puzzles in order to obtain, and silence, the intensely beating hearts.