Past Games

A Bard, a Song and a Magical Girl »Oh, so you want to be a brave Magical Girl An impatient one, too – good lord, what a whirl «
You are a smol kitten living in Neo York 2055. You want to water your flower garden but where is your watering can? Find it on one of the rooftop-gardens and collect snax!
In this post-apocalyptic scenario, you and your mutant Rabbit have to survive in the wilderness and find various Items to repair a wrecked train.
The Wronk Brothers are at it again! Your plane is falling apart, and for some reason you are balancing on top of the wing, instead of piloting your plane?!
“Is this my home?” Monster Gone Home, a visual novel that takes place in a world full of monsters and oddities, shows a few vastly different answers to this difficult question.