Past Games

a weird, slightly interactive art piece that generates visuals and audio from bifurcation diagrams.
Light will only serve as a temporary guide, but memory is a permanent guide. You will be lost but you will find your path.
Tornaire was conceived as a "survival gardening platformer".
VR game putting you in the shoes of an engineer, frantically trying to keep a submarine from sinking, as pipes burst and fires break out all around you.
Space Battle Against the Rogue Armada: You must defeat the enemy armada attempting to wipe out the home world.
A prequel to the epic original Homeless Hero, HHII takes you into the past life of our hero.
VR climbing game where you race up a mountain to get home as quickly as possible. Compatible with most 6DOF VR systems.
travel to other stars to capture them | bring them home to score points | mouse to aim | hold left click to charge | release left click to launch | spacebar to collect
Extend the range of your tesla-coil gun and destroy the invading machines with chain lightning!
This game is written from the point of view of the Receiver of a Transmission. Here, the player takes on the role of an someone on a subway, receiving conflicting information from phone calls.
In Missing Parts, you need to exchange pieces of yourself with other robots in order to become the robot you want to be.
After the human race has disappeared, robots are carrying on human traditions. In particular, they are making speeches to their compatriots to win them to their side.
A Leap Motion-controlled game where you make waves in an ocean to destroy a city.
A music-based collaborative game.