Past Games

"The great war is upon us. Please Doctor, you must support us in the trenches!" If my compatriots' begging would not convince me, my Hippocratic Oath would seal the deal.
People have lost stuff. They want it back. Communication is always difficult when people don't want to waste time. Can you find their stuff?
Cooperative multiplayer game in which players use items to make repairs to a space station while it is being bombarded by cosmic dangers. Controls by gamepad or virtual joystick on smartphone.
Operation H.O.M.E is a game about getting an eel back to his home by driving a Helicopter.
Fire charged photons at atoms to destroy them. Destroyed atoms will emit their own charged photons to their neighbours! Destroy all the atoms!
Pirate cats do battle with their wave cannons and try to flip the opposition to send their enemies to Davy Jones' locker. LAN multiplayer only.
Join your fellow exorcists in order to prevent a demon from destroying the world. Begone, ye demon! (note: some assets may be disallowed in Germany. Sorry...)