Past Games

Rahu, un pequeño ser lleno de oscuridad busca el poder de todo el universo y para ello sigue las pistas sobre una leyenda poco conocida que le cuenta un ser gigante en Gehena: "Sí el universo qui
Ducks? Yeah, ducks. You and your "friend" must flee from the dark and the danger.
The robots im your spaceship have gone crazy! and you have to fix them, avoid the lasers, the traps and get close to the robots to fix them. Do it fast, there will be more of them comming!
BlastWave is a strategy combat game where you must use mines and their blastwaves to eliminate your invisible adversaries.
Is it possible to make Death fall in love with you? Joe Mamma pretends to find out if it's possible, but remember, a forbidden romance comes with a deadly price.
Justin Powers is a super DJ from the future whose mission is to save planet earth from Mojo's loss. To do that he will travel back to the 80's the get The Sacred Relics of Groove.
Fight for Ram Supremacy!!