Juan Hust Novella

Past Games

Last days of RecOdery is a game about communication and human relationships.
The world has forgotten the evils of Arkanon after he was sealed away, but he has not forgotten his lust for revenge! Arkanon has returned and looks to destroy the realm.
"Come back¨ is a thrilling point and click narrative experience about the idea of home in a post-apocalyptic world, with game mechanics based on resource management and choosing your own adventur
What does home mean to a bacterium? Live adventures trough different bodies while you search for your ideal host body, and, unfortunately, infect them.
Search, run, survive! Explore the city during the day and go back to your hideaway before nightfall. Be careful!
You are an alien who crashes in a world undescovered, and your partners who travelled with you are scatered in a new planet, and your mission are find them all and guide to home.
"Overcharge" is a 2-player competitive game about two astronauts fighting for survival in a remote planet. The objective is to destroy the enemy ship by throwing the energy core into it.
A local multiplayer about infecting the inhabitants of a crowded square to have the greatest group of zombie servants.
Neotokyo (Japan) 2018 A new era for sports has began, the new Mind transmission for animals and men has been created, and with it the most powerfull, popular and crazy sport introduces a change of t
A metroidvania game where you lose life, ammo or skill everytime you open a door.
The Rock and roll life is hard, we only want to MAKE SOME NOISE and push back that damn "zombie" groupies of the scenario. Survive waves of groupies, all that weight can break your scrap
Follow the spiritual travel of an ancient ancestor through different states of consciousness.