Past Games

Fixteroids is an arcade game about a robot factory sent to the asteroid belt to collect asteroid fragments, fix them back into asteroids and propel them towards asteroid-mining pirate spaceships.
You have to build houses, developing each of them more environmentally friendly, as they are destroyed by natural disasters caused by your actions.
Travel by bike, car or train across the land heal nasty diseases with increasing difficulty.
A 2 player game revolving around the courtship display rituals of birds, inspired by Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Players take turns chasing after and fleeing from each other.
You're the star of a musical and your solo is about to come, but you've forgotten all the lyrics! What do you do now? Improvise!
Game about pals who need each others help to survive through puzzles. Each character sees the world in its own unique way.
She left me a message. I just have to find it.