Past Games

✨ Hi! In Magnet Opus you're a little magnet in a greyscale world, but you have the power to add colour and fun by magnetizing small objects and running around with them.
Nooks ’n Crannies You find yourself in a decrepit church, overtaken by roots and plants.
You're a lonely QuackRomancer who wants to create their ultimate part-ner duck out of waste material, and re-pair themselves. Try to create a perfect part-ner using the things you find in the po
What if you have a neighbour, who is just chained to their computer?
In Dungeons and Manuals you play asymmetrically as an Adventurer and a Companion. The Adventurer sees all enemies in the dungeon, while they do not know how to defeat the monsters. Meanwhile, the Companion has a book on all enemies and their weaknesses, while they do not know what the enemy looks like. That way, the Adventurer and the Companion need to communicate to get through the dungeon.