Jon Honeycutt

Past Games

A small child, Null, wanders about on a lark, Then encountering a forest, deep and dark. He finds ruins about, of a temple old, And seeks to explore, perhaps in search of gold. Instead of treasu
People have lost their minds (literally), and become zombies. Controls (Best with Controller): WASD / Left Stick - Move Spacebar / A button - Throw Brain (3 second delay before you can pick brain
Bob the alien wants to curate his perfect family. Fascinated by humans, he visits three Earth homes each night.
Take over the bodies of forest animals to travel to new places. Dispose of them when they are no longer useful.
A collection of sea-shattering mini-games. Wave of Mutilation - A devastating Tsunami grows as it eats ships until it can swallow a whole island. Waves of Anxiety - Enjoy a relaxing day at the X
Cross over ritual spots, but avoid the rune trail you leave behind. Hopmella the Bunny hates being the magician's assistant, so she ran away.