Past Games

[DEU] Multiplayer free-for-all Flughörnchen Versteck-und-Findspiel: Jedes Hörnchen muss einen Wintervorrat an Nüssen verstecken, dann kommt der Winter und man muss so viele Nüsse wieder ausgraben wie
You play a white sock that gets powers by finding colorful socks and make them more powerful by reuniting them with the other sock of their pair in this cute 2D platformer.
Keep your party alive with your heals and abilities to defeat the final boss of the dungeon!
Hyper Aura is a rhythmic puzzle game. Block incoming objects by matching their color or shape. Make use of your shield as well. Don't get stressed out by the beat!
2D side scroller
A simple sidescroller exploring the dangers of absolute darkness in deep seas...