Past Games

Stop the stars on their path by placing towers. Maximum of 4 towers, try to win with only 3!
Grow a beautiful flower by controlling the weather. You can make it sunny by pressing the left arrow key. Pressing the right arrow key will make it rainy. The flower needs sun and rain to live.
You are a deadly virus, and you have just entered the body of your first victim. Infect red blood cells in the bloodstream to ensure the survival of your species.
An incremental game about the greatest of food alchemy: baked goods. Bake biscuits, train your apprentice, fulfill orders for the Girl Scout Mafia and your Master Alchemist Grandmother.
We are alone on a mountain, in the dead of night. One of us is a hunter. One of us is a Yeti. Only one of us will get off the mountain alive.
you were what you ate
You are a heart. You need to supply enough blood to a person's body as they go about their day. While keeping up with their heart rate, you need to manage clotting to keep veins and arteries from bursting. The three playable people are: Baby, Office Worker and Police Officer.

Hearty Games