Past Games

Play as Tortimer Shellwin, British Spy Extraordinaire in a high flying, shoot-em-up with where you live on the snails edge. WASD to move, point and click to shoot.
An exciting game of find and fetch! As a joyous dog, bounce through the park with your skull companion, digging up bones and other treasures on the way.
​Start out by getting a job, or meeting a friend.
Kind of like Paperboy, but with a tank!
You are a castaway, lost and alone on an deserted island.
Coming of age moment involving an animal sacrificing ritual, or will you escape?
Use your giant sword and grappling hook (along with a lack of clothing) to be the hero and save the girl! ... or get the gold! ... or learn something! You decide!
A crazed maniac is trying to get into your industrial plant! Manipulate dangerous objects to try to trap him in a bad situation! Click on an object to select it, right-click to rotate. Place and rotate objects to try to get the precise timing needed to squish the intruder. Press space to start him walking, and space again to reset the level.
You are a Planet. A Planet revolving in space. As a Planet, you want an ecology to develop on your surface. The more complex your ecology becomes, the more difficult it becomes to sustain it. Can you keep up?
The master thief disguises herself as a maid to get into her marks' homes.

Hearty Games