Past Games

Explore the mysteries of the enchanted forest, Chimeria in this wacky multiplayer 2D scroller game! The game begins with each player selecting a starting animal and entering the forest.
This is a game where you work together through twitch chat to play an epic game of tower defense! Maze your towers together to delay the hordes of enemies trying to get to the bottom of the screen.
Save a town, one pair at a time! You, a happy quokka, land in a town full of sad people and some mysterious giants.
Turtle Quest is a 3D mobile game where you play as a turtle in an interactive underwater environment that has become filled with trash.
ElecTRIO is a collaborative game in which three sentient, tangled wires work together to overcome obstacles to reach the exit.
A cool local co-op infection game! The apocalypse is here! Civilization is failing! The cities are burning!
Locally networked gameplay that mixes AR and VR. You can be the Follower, running from zombies and praying to your God.

Hearty Games