Jeroen Houttuin

Past Games

A loose combination between love in a dangerous space time and shadow of the colossus. ---- Yadthaddag is a co-op multi-player game in which the players (Yatta's) journey on their magical-s
Hide from children that want candy!
The city has four districts of differing social backgrounds. Their opinion of your regime are negatively or positively influenced by events. Redirect influences to other districts by blaming the oth
Head out and catch fish for your starving village.
Take up your comb and sciccors as you battle the demon-posessed hair of your clients as the barber/exorcist, Edward West.
Defeat your enemy by pushing him in an electric orb while avoiding the same thing from happening to you. . This is done shooting bullet at them which when hit will push them away.
Folium is a game to make you relax and makes you care about a abstract organism that needs food to expand
To lead Bewbees to their goal, sacrifices will have to be made. Each sacrificed Bewbee becomes an evolving level element. The player creates an evolving level by carefully squishing Bewbees.