Past Games

Take psychedelics and enter people's brains to fix their post-breakup woes.
It’s been ten years since the Sydney dust storm and Jordan is still missing. Reminisce on that fateful day to try and understand why she left.
An unknown light descends upon a gas station on an outback highway. Find your way out—or towards the source. A visceral survival VR experience that pushes your touch, sound and sight to the limits.
Be Beautiful and show off your hair. Best used with XBOX controllers. Joystick is the freedom of neck movement.
You're tasked with completing a series of rituals by an unknown power. Is it worth it? Will the outcome serve you well?
When we can't trust the game instructions, "what do we do next?"
"You are dog. Impress good. Get job." It can be hard finding a job at the best of times. It's even harder in a recession. It's even harder than that if you're a dog.

Hearty Games