Past Games

Players don the mantle of a kaiju, but the roles are reversed; this time, the people are destroying the city, and it's their job to clean it up.
We hermit crabs have it pretty lucky in a way. We get to bring our homes around with us. It's like wearing your pajamas all the time, but in a socially acceptable way.
In a polarized world of cats and dogs, not all information is distributed equally.
One-key fighting game. Press to activate (P1: space P2: enter) There's no game over logic. Sorry. Quit and restart to play again.
A multiplayer mobile game where the Chosen One leads the Hopeful in elemental rituals. The most devout of the Hopeful will ascend and be given a chance to lead.
This game was designed for aliens. If you can even figure out how, fight the humans and asteroids in this space schmup.
This game is fun for everyone! Literally everyone!