Itai Geffen

Past Games

Mr Boon the crab is hungry today, but he'll only eat cooked fish. Help him find fish and cook them. Fish are in the sea And fire is in the upper world ( due to global warming)
Play as Gobo the treasure goblin working with his brother Bobo in the dungeons lost and found room. Gobo has to run around the active dungeon full with heroes and monsters that try to catch him with
A fun day at the shark infested ocean becomes a stressful day at the shark infested ocean.
2 Player survival co-op in a race against time! It is the year 2021 and the evil monster DREADONORA has returned to TOKYO in a new form as CYBER DREADONORA! Facing it is the last defender of Tok
It's time for you to get back home. The way there, however, is not as simple as you thought. Navigate your way back home avoiding those that stalk you in the street. Can you make it back to y
One player game. In this game, the goal is to protect the bat king. there is a pyramid of smaller bats surrounding it, protecting it from evil birds.
A new city is being built with new hoods and houses. You have a power plant, and it is your responsibility to provide POWER TO THE PEOPLE!
E-K0 is a PvP arena roguelike game, where each player takes control over a small fighter craft that hovers fast across a sphere-like surface in order to reveal and then eliminate the opponent/s.