Past Games

Steelyard Skirmish is a competitive 1v1 game about sabotage and repair.
2-player local multiplayer fighting game with 4 unique brawlers.
2-Player co-op game where both players help guide the other on their blind side. Controls: A - Move Left D - Move right Space Bar - Jump Tab - Toggle Grid W - Complete Level Escape - Return to Menu R - Restart Level
Navigate your submarine through dangerous waters in this 8 bit style survival game!
Re-Cycled: A Space Junk Odyssey was created for Global Game Jam 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri at the University of Missouri St. Louis. The creation team consisted of Lindsey Bailey, Sam Crouch, Rachel Harvey, JT Strong, and Isaac White. Audio clips provided by Jayson Jennings, Jeff Alyanak, and This game shows a possible future of Earth if people continue to discard their waste irresponsibly. Please Recycle.