Past Games

The Room is an Escape Game VR in a horror context, you have to repair a strange machine to get out of there before the fence get down and zombies eat you.
Find your way in your dreams to make your home cozy again.
Your are a Cat on rainbow bubble waves and you have to control the power of the waves to avoid opponents
Enable the power to protect yourself from monsters and manage your energy to avoid dying.
You will rage on your neighbour, be the more a**hole possible and create the pattern for the other player. You have to finish before him, and him before you. And any spectator can join the game by
A plateformer game about a guy facing the world. Controls : Keybord : Move : QZSD or WASD or Arrows (Up : Jump). Use : Space Xbox Gamepad : Move : Directions Use : X Jump : B Have f
Biocarnage 2: The Beginning est un dungeon crawler (hack & slash) multi-joueur. Chaque joueur doit explorer le donjon et atteindre le coeur du secteur avant les autres. Bien évidemment il devra alterner les phases de coop et de combats contre les autres joueurs. Pour ce qui est du scénario, vous êtes dans un vaisseau alien fonçant vers la terre, vous devez être le premier à le détruire pour récolter gloire et puissance \o/.
Kill Me Please is a multiplayer online battle arena game make with the HTML5 technologies. Players are hedgehogs and try to kill themself on the back of the others players to make score.