Past Games

Darklight Defenders is a Mobile tower defense game. Use the dark towers against light enemies and light towers against the dark enemies.
This is a game about discovering alchemic formulas in order to appease your customer's orders.
A short point'n'click adventure about escaping one's own mind, surrounded by a fragmented surreal inner landscape of childhood memories and adult life pressures.
An oil catastrophe has occurred! Your mission is to find a new home for tunas.
Travel by bike, car or train across the land heal nasty diseases with increasing difficulty.
A zen-like mobile game about matching waves to different shapes.
A quick mobile game about banishing demons with a ritual circle of magic orbs
Welcome to Moving Mania, a game that simulates the frustration and disarray of a deliver's job!
Non-digital boardgame of treasure hunting. The players have different strenghts for moving through varied terrain on the board. They have their own hidden goals they're pursuing.
Party Game for up to five players! Learn the Secret Knocks, and open the door for your friends.
A Wizard attempts to steal an artifact at the center of an ancient maze, while its Guardian places deadly obstacles and useful loot to harm and distract him from reaching the center.
You control a light that travels through space and must avoid space dust and atmosphere or it diminutes. But the light also must enter the atmosphere to guide those who are lost.