Past Games

Assemble a chemical plant to create the requisite product. Don't blow yourself up.
How can you possibly eat your tasty tasty meal without utensils?
Me vs Me is a competitive hot-seat game. Players take turns controlling the one character, a gummy bear roaming across a giant birthday cake.
Defibrilate to stay alive. Get your energy pulse from one side of the board to the other to deliver a life-saving recharge. Each time you cross the board, the path you used degrades. Three times per screen, you can rotate your tile to make a path.
Streams is a little game built to hopefully inspire your creativity and risk taking. Appeals to players artistic side and those who are just a little bit competitive.
The Melbourne Mega Mashup! A collaboration of over 100 programmers, artists, designers, writers, musicians, journalists, and more: we are proud to present the Credits Game of the #IGDAMJAM.