Past Games

A game about the duality of inside and outside, and going very fast in a retro style action racing game
Geraldine can use Legs to run faster, Arms to Climb walls and a Jump pack to jump higher but she only has enough power to use 2 of these parts at once. Explore the factory and chose which parts you w
A Game about love and it's struggles.
Survive the storm, build a shelter. Your home only has one heart.
Herd the sheep and goats in to the correct pen. Don't let the wolves eat the sheep.
The player is an ancient Guardian tasked with keeping denizens within their own realms using shock waves to send escapees back to their own realities.
You play as the princess, resetting items in temples for the next player.
You play a ghost, projected from a dying man in a hospital. Find the four things needed to save yourself: A scalpel, some pills, a blood pack, and a syringe to unlock the way to your heart. Can you save yourself in time, or will everything fade to black?! Only you can decide...but you're not alone. Controls: Move with the LEFT mouse button, Rotate the camera with the Right mouse button. To move, click the tiles adjacent to you. To go through a door, click the doorway whilst next to it. If you cannot move somewhere, the tile or doorway will faintly glow red.