Past Games

This Cinematic Gaming Experience centers around 2 characters. Phanstasmo, a super hero who frequently "gets lost" in time and space, on epic adventures around the universe.
We have just received transmission from David Bowie's antenna. Help him fight off the evil space dwellers with groovitational force, baby.
You are a rockstar chasing after the girl of your dreams before she gets on that plane and you never see her again. How are you chasing her? Well you are riding on the wind, flying through the air on an enlarged version of your own heart. You ride your trusty heart while avoiding groupies and bad cholesterol as they try to stop your heart and take you back down to the ground in this 2D side scrolling shooter that is, Shot Through the Heart! How to play: WASD - move Space - shoot 1 - 4 & Enter -change power-ups (since we didn't get enough time to implement them you get to control which ones you use!) Best Resolution to play - 1280 X 720