Past Games

PiriPiri is a frantic rythm game! Oh no! Your spaceship collided with an asteroid and your ship is about to blow up. But worry not! The helpful Piris will help you to repair your ship!
Defend the Earth with a gun and a shield You need an xBox Controller to Play. Left-Thumbstick - Shield Right Thumbstick - Weapon Right-Trigger - Shoot
Deep Space Station x3/GGJ - Communication Departement You manage transmissions from outer space - make sure the right call goes to the right person You are a PLUGDROID! ---------- The
Relax and chillout while Robots do the work for you.
Single Player game. Defend your concrete pumping device. You win when the concrete meter is filled up (Just cheer, nothing happens). You loose when you die. Be sad then. Controlled by Gamepad.
You are trapped in a dark forest, haunted by your own nightmare. Fight your fears by finding your lost memories and alter your dream.