Past Games

Let’s take all the buzzword of today’s crazy world like metaverse, nft, play-to-earn and goes back to the ultimate human innovation thousands of years ago, language. Or to be precise, the very founda
On the way to Comic Fiesta 2020, an unfortunate witch cosplayer has found themselves hopelessly lost... in another world!
A reflection of the world of Social Media and humanity.
The walls are closing on you. Maybe it is a good time to PANIC but always be TACTICAL in your choices.
Help Dictioneighry and Grammare face off against the nefarious forces of punnery, with the power of WORDS! Spin the Wheel of Misfortune to see who you'll go up against.
Prehistoric Barbarian Rebellion - Make-up Edition 2016
A game where the best way to play is to do nothing~
Developed for GGJ Bootcamp at KDU University College
This game was developed by 3 brothers, all under the age of 10, with the kind support of Buzz and Ivan (and a little cheering from Mum & Dad). This is their first Global Game Jam, but hopefully not their last! Galaxy Wars: the Rise of the Republic is the 1st game under their \"studio\" :) Play as a tag team of heroes to defeat the evil Inferno Troopers, who are trying to overthrow the peaceful order! Sword ON!!!
A sector of an uninhabited land needs to have life introduced to it. Your character arrives with pods that are used to generate plant, livestock and humans. The goal is to sustainably develop the sector and maintain an eco equilibrium. Player collects falling dandelions to generate pods. Each resource type needs the other but also uses the other up.
A programmer uses his imagination to debug game, and you have to help him find all the bugs.