Past Games

Your living room. Two buttons.
An asymmetric VR game where the VR players tries to blend in with a line-up of dancing robots, while the PC player tries to find the human amongst the robots. Sadly I wasn't able to finish the g
Stars have fallen and it is your task to bring them back into the night sky. /!\ You will need an Oculus Quest and a square of 3m x 3m where you can move freely in order to play /!\
In First Flight you play as a young bird who is leaving the comfort of their nest for the first time to learn how to fly.
A VR game in darkness. "Darkroom" plays as an asymmetric escape-the-room game for two players. One player uses a VR headset and one uses their PC keyboard.
"It Came From The Waves" is an asymmetrical local multiplayer game for the HTC Vive, where one player in the Vive plays as a monster attacking the city, and two other players playing on PC f
THIS GAME REQUIRES AN OCULUS DK2 You are the God of your little paper world. You decide whether or not to help people you created. Feed them, house them or...
An overworked businessman rushes to catch a train, only to learn the metro staff is on strike.

Hearty Games