Past Games

You've been Swindled is a 4-player board game about swindling and backstabbing.
A Puzzle-Platformer where the platforms blend with the background! Collect colored coins to turn the background into the same color, making same-colored platforms blend and disappear into it!
Warn as a blind person person, guide as a deaf person. A two player game where one player plays a blind person, and another player plays a deaf person.
A two-player platformer/co-op game for lovers, friends... or forever alone people. :) Play through Pink and Blue's love story as you pass the puzzles of their feelings and reach for the letter of love together as a team. Each levels model their feelings for each other, and don't forget to communicate your moves and strategy with your partner next to you. Enjoy 10 dramatic love story as a team, and additional 8 challenge levels afterwards! --- Game Controls WASD keys - Move Blue Left Up Down Right arrows - Move Right R - Retry Level shortcut T - Skip Level
How high can you go? \ \ Try and reach the heavens to go back where you really belong, the 777th floor of time and space, a state of perfection where eternity belongs. Fight the forces of evil that has come to push you back to the depths of darkness and be careful not to fill the empty space of the ground until you reach the 777th floor.
Alien Puddi Puddis throw Dry-ice Cream to melt a little planet. Help these poor people by collecting the Dry-ice Cream into a machine, and shooting it back at the evil Puddi Puddi bullies.